Answers to your questions

How long will it take before I’m officially divorced?
Judges typically move uncontested divorces to the top of their to-do list so they can sign off on the final uncontested divorce order and turn their focus to the more complicated, contested and time consuming cases.  Judges have up to 90 days to sign off on the divorce decree after it is filed with the court, however, often times the judge will sign the final uncontested divorce order within 30 days of the customer filing the uncontested divorce documents with the court.


How much will it cost to get a Minnesota uncontested divorce?
We charge a low one-time flat fee. This fee does not include the court filing fee.

$399 for uncontested divorce with no minor children
• $499 for uncontested divorce with minor children.

You can easily and conveniently make your payment online by clicking “Make Payment” on our Homeor Contact page.  You can also mail your payment to our office.


Can’t I just fill out the forms from the courthouse or print them off the internet?
Filling out forms does not replace years of legal experience and knowledge.  Filling out your own forms without the necessary legal experience and knowledge can result in increased costs and a delay in the court finalizing your divorce.  The Darling Law Office has more than 20 years of experience drafting uncontested divorce documents.  We know what legal language to use so judges will approve your documents and grant you a Minnesota uncontested divorce quickly.


Will I have to go to court if I get a Minnesota uncontested divorce?
If you have minor children, you will need to attend a brief court appearance called a default hearing.  The judge will read through your uncontested divorce documents, ask you a handful of quick and simple questions and then sign your final divorce order so that you will be officially divorced when you leave the courthouse.