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At the Law Office of Donald E. Darling, Jr., Esq., our practice is built on the principle that every client deserves strong advocacy and personal attention. As Your Experienced Family Law Attorney, we'll help achieve your family law goals in Minnesota.

Reaching Agreements Outside of Court

We will always strive to do what is right for you. We know when to negotiate, and when to be aggressive. Sometimes, going to trial is the best way to resolve legal struggles. However, most family law matters are best resolved through negotiation and mediation.

Going to court is not only financially challenging; it creates a lot of stress and can draw out the pain your family is going through. Working to reach agreements also allows you and the other party to come to a solution that is truly best for your family.

Judges are limited in the orders they can make.

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Whether you are struggling get parenting time, or going through a divorce, working things out with the other side will almost always have a better outcome. Hurry! Don't let your situation escalate any further... Contact our office today at 952-426-0157 for the best opportunity to reach an agreement outside of court!

A Shoulder to Lean On. Objective Legal Advice.

We know the emotional turmoil that family legal matters can bring you. We are committed to combining compassion for your situation with the straightforward legal advice you need. Call the Law Office of Donald E. Darling, Jr., Esq., now for the compassion you need and the legal advice you can't live without!